Refer a Lead to Reitz Rentals

Cash for House Selling Referals - Earn up to 1% Commission!

We are always looking for people whose home has become a burden to them and want or need to sell their home quickly. We can offer to buy their home from them using one or more of our programs and can often close within a week. You may find people in your personal network who are going through one of the following common situations. 

What type of home seller referrals are you looking for and how do I find them?

  • Need a fast sale
  • Facing repossession
  • Have a problem property
  • Inherited a property that they do not want
  • Want to avoid estate agents
  • Have not been successful selling the house through a Realtor
  • Moved but have not yet sold their last house
  • Have little or no equity in their house
  • Behind on house payments, tax payments or in foreclosure
  • Going through a divorce
  • Settling an estate
  • A house that is in need of repairs

Whether you are already in the property industry, as an estate agent or developer, or have come across someone needing a fast sale, our services are designed to help. 

Recommend these customers to Reitz Rentals and on the day we close on the property we will pay up to 1% of the purchase price as an introduction commission. 

How much can I earn?
It depends on the purchase price. $1,000 or more is possible.

How do I get started?
Just e-mail us with information regarding the property and the owner, and we'll do the rest! We are most interested in the owner's phone number and address of the property. If both pieces of information are not available, one may work. Any other information regarding the house is also beneficial. Nothing too big or too small!

Your information will be held in our system for 6 months. If we buy the property you referred within that time you will get a check!



Refer a Tenant to Reitz Rentals

If you are currently tenant of Reitz Rentals and know of someone looking for a house or apartment to rent, send us an e-mail with their information. If they meet our minimum criteria and sign a lease, we will give you $50.00 plus if they stay for 15 months or more while keeping their account in balance we will give you another check for $150.00 



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